When do I need a custom order?

If you would like hand-addressed envelopes, please message me and I will be able to make a custom order just for you. Please also let me know if you would like multiple larger items as we may be able to group together for less expensive shipping fees. If you’re not sure, it’s always best to message me and I’ll be happy to help!

What is your shipping policy?

PLEASE KNOW WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON THE BEST SHIPMENT SELECTIONS - We typically use USPS for most of our shipping needs, but please feel free to request a different shipping method and we can bill accordingly. We will also choose to ship Priority Mail unless you request a faster method. We try our very best to keep our shipping prices low, but yet get there in a reasonable amount of time. Please keep in mind that all items are custom made and there may be orders ahead of yours. Please be sure to let me know when your item is needed, and make sure I have room in my schedule, especially for multiple signage. Lead times can vary depending on different times of the year. Spring, Summer and Fall are a popular time of year for weddings and typically busier times for signs.

Who photographs my work?

My husband and I were wedding photographers many, many moons ago, so we do a lot of our own photography.

Lately though I’ve had the opportunity to work with some seriously AMAZING photographers!! Many of them are right here in Central PA, and I could brag them up endlessly! It’s kinda tough to see their watermarks on the website design, so here is their info below. They won’t disappoint!

Leather Jacket (home page) - Jana Scott Photography

Bride & Groom Holding Chalkboard AND Chalkboard with floral swag (home page) - Raffa Stock Photography

Lemon Leaves on plate (home page) - SAW Photography

How long will the preserved lemon leaves last?

In normal conditions, preserved lemon leaves can look great for at least a year and sometimes even two years.

How do you care for preserved lemon leaves?

Do not display your preserved lemon leaves outdoors or in direct sunlight for long periods of time. High Humidity environments can also lessen the life of natural dried flowers/leaves, and will cause them to bleed. Lemon leaves should be stored in a sealed container until ready to use for your wedding or event. FYI - When the lemon leaves are preserved glycerine is used to soften and add color. Glycerine is sweet and can attract bugs. Even though most leaves are fumigated in the field and before they are bunched. Today’s non-chemical fumigation limits the protection of the florals to about 30 days.

Are all signs hand-lettered?

Absolutely! All lettering is done by hand with either paint, ink or paint marker. All artwork is created by myself as well. We do not use computer generated fonts or vinyl. All work is custom and made by hand.

What do kind of paint do I use for signage?

I will typically always use acrylic paint with a marker or brush. I rarely use a washable chalk marker for many reasons. Most clients have requested something more permanent, which is why I started using acrylic paint. This eliminates worry of smudges during a wedding, special event or just the regular act of picking it up and moving it around. Plus, when I used temporary chalk marker, it often left a shadow behind where the lettering was. This can be impossible to remove on some chalkboards and I ended up needing to apply chalk paint to cover it up. Though please let me know if you’d prefer a temporary chalk marker! I am always happy to oblige!!

Are chalkboards handmade?

Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. I have a very handy hubby who is able to make items for custom orders. Other times I find amazing chalkboards through vendors.

Can I letter on your own chalkboard?

I would LOVE too! Yes, I often have clients who have a chalkboard they adore. They mail it to me, I create the design, and mail it back to them. This doesn’t stop at just chalkboards! I will letter on just about anything.

Still have questions? No worries, ask away!

Life can be pretty dang busy, so we don’t want to miss something important! Please, PLEASE always feel free to email me and ask away! We take pride in answering your questions rather quickly, but just in case it’s not answered in 24 hours, please send us another shout out!